Thursday, May 19, 2011

{an update so far}

I am in my THIRD and FINAL trimester… YAY! I can see the end in sight. We are 12 weeks out from meeting our new little boy and we couldn’t be more thrilled. As Nick put it, it still seems so surreal, we are going to be a family of 4 and have 2 little boys! With the 2nd pregnancy I feel like it is going SO slow. I’m not sure if that is because I’m at home now and don’t have work to make the days pass by or because I already know what I’m getting into that I want to skip all the pregnancy stuff and meet Greyson. Not that I don’t enjoy the pregnancy part of things because I don’t have much to complain about. It is still just as amazing to feel and see my tummy move and really have that mother/baby bond with my child before he actually even gets to earth. I am so excited to give Bronson a little brother and see these little boys bond and grow up together!

Pregnancy Updates till now:

-At my 26 week appointment {I was 26w4d} I measured at 25 weeks. That doesn’t change my due date at all just means this little guy is small! {I’m not that surprised}

-I have gained a total of 15 pounds {right on track to the goal weight}

-On Mother’s Day I made a surprise visit to the Labor and Delivery triage because I started spotting {sorry TMI} that morning {not a ton}. Since it was a Sunday I was only able to call the nurse help line which, of course, suggested I go to the hospital. It turned out to be nothing. The spotting was totally gone after I got home. They couldn’t figure out why I was bleeding but they were just glad it stopped. They did however send some samples to the lab to test for the chance of delivering within the next 2 weeks. Thank goodness that came back negative! The result of my hospital visit was an extra ultrasound!! Not really the reason you want to get one done but once I knew all was well I was thrilled to see my baby again!! I was able to get a 3d ultrasound pic of him and I must say, he is pretty cute!! I think he looks a lot like his brother!!

-Heartburn has kicked in and it is horrible!!

-Also, someone has started to invade my ribs. I am so grateful that he waited until now to do so because it made pregnancy really painful with my sweet Bronson when he decided to take over around 15-18 weeks!

-I can’t get enough of In N Out with this pregnancy. It was Chick-Fil-A with Bronson and I’m lovin’ the fact that In N Out is so convenient in Arizona. I can get it whenever I want!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy…


Greyson @ 26w3d

{I think he has his brothers forehead and nose. I can’t wait to see what he really looks like!}


27 weeks


My cute buddy and I…


The Momma @ 27w6d

my {baby} no more

I guess the fact that we no longer have a baby around here anymore is a good thing considering we have a new bundle arriving in about 12 weeks. I think this goes for most parents though, it’s sad to see all of the baby disappear out of your little person. We officially have a toddler in the house. Nick and I just sit back and watch Bronson be Bronson and are amazed that there isn’t a single bit of baby left in this little guy!! We love him more than anything and he is at such a fun age right now that we can’t get enough!

{Bye, Bye Daddy}


On some days Bronson will wake up before Nick leaves for work and is happy to walk him out the door and wish him well for the day. He gives him a kiss and waves saying “bye,bye daddy”. It is the cutest thing e.v.e.r! This particular morning he didn’t get to say bye but that didn’t stop him from finding daddy in the picture on his own and telling him bye,bye there!! Love him!!

{Mr. Independent}


We have officially graduated from the high chair to a booster seat. This little man is such a better eater and much more happy now that he gets to eat with the big people! The highchair in the background is now stored away for Greyson to use later! Yay for making room!!

{Boy meets Sand}

…or more like mud bath



Hilarious… this is Bronson laughing with a mouth full of sand because we are laughing at him. His laugh normally looks a lot cuter than this but I think the sand makes it a little scary!!


…and now coughing up all the sand he just swallowed!


This time thinking the sand doesn’t taste very good… boys!

I bought Bronson this adorable water and sand table to be able to entertain him out on the patio. Nick didn’t think it was a very good idea considering we don’t have much space on our patio and we are in an apartment so the clean up is a little bit more difficult. I may or may not partially agree but that doesn’t change the fact that this little boy loves playing in the sand and getting all dirty like a boy should!! I guess I will just have to deal with the mess until we have more space!!

{These Boots Were Made For Walkin’}


We couldn’t pass up a chance to take a picture of Bronson in Nick’s boots when we had the chance. It was a must share kind of picture!!

BTW, I know it must look like my child never gets dressed but I have to say that he DOES in fact get dressed everyday even if some of those days it is just in lounge clothes!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

{For the records}

Pregnancy thus far has not been something to complain about. My best guess is that if I am miserable with baby #3 I will know well before my ultrasound that I am having a little girl. This pregnancy has been much like my first. I feel great, a little nauseous at the beginning and really tired. The first time around I felt a huge difference when I went from the 1st trimester to the 2nd. I had all the energy in the world. This time around I feel the exact same as the 1st trimester, still tired and sluggish. I blame it either on chasing an 18 month old around or being home all day or both! The one major difference this time is that I am carrying much lower with Greyson than I did with Bronson. I actually feel smaller this time than I did the first time. I have hardly any back pain, thank goodness, only lower pain in my tailbone (which is still horrible but bearable).

Greyson so far has been so pleasant to carry. He is gentle with his kicks (most of the time) and really active when I’m sitting. He is most active just before I’m waking up in the morning. If it isn’t Bronson crying in the monitor it’s Greyson moving around that wakes me up! He is also very active at night when it’s time to sit down and relax before bed. Most of the time it feels like he is moving his foot, knee or elbow across my belly more than kicking me. He has been so good to my ribs, they have had no pain what so ever (I wish I could have said the same for his brother)! I will get the occasional stretch from him where I have both sides of my belly fully stretched.

I am so excited to meet this little guy and to add another crazy yet lovable little boy to my family. Only14 more weeks to go!!

Here are some week by week pictures of my growing belly, with a few gaps!!


10 Weeks – About the time we announced baby #2 was on the way!


11 Weeks


12 Weeks


13 Weeks

b3 006edited

19 Weeks

25wk3d 002edited

25 Weeks 3 Days

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

{He’s a Big Boy now}


Ok. You can’t judge the pictures. I wasn’t expecting to take Bronson to nursery until next week so I didn’t come prepared with my camera. We had to make due with Nick’s phone and this is most importantly for my documents and memory so they will have to do!!

I can’t believe that my little boy is old enough to be in nursery. I have been waiting for this day since he became really mobile and active. Basically from about 9 months on he wasn’t very good about sitting in our laps during class so we have been roaming the halls with him ever since. Now that the day is actually here I couldn’t quite handle it (blame it on pregnancy or just being a mom, I’m not sure). Nick told me in sacrament meeting that we were going to take him in today and I started to tear up. I held back though. I was out in the halls with Bronson just before the meeting was over and class was about to start when one of the sweet nursery leaders came up to me to invite us into nursery and introduce herself to Bronson and I. As we walked in the leaders were so sweet and friendly to Bronson, it made both of us feel comfortable. He lasted about 15 minutes. We dropped him off and ran to do a few quick things before I headed to Primary and Nick to class. As I pass back by the nursery room toward Primary I can hear my little guy crying. I stop to check on him and he wouldn’t let me leave. He stayed in class the whole time but Nick and I had to switch off through the next 2 hours to keep him calm. Overall I think he did really well, it will just take some time for him to get used to the kids and teachers that are in there.

**Minor issue to remember…. he escaped on his first day of nursery!! The door was open and he saw an out and took it!**


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Easter 2011

{Easter Morning-The Basket}

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Bronson wasn’t nearly as excited about his Easter basket as the Easter Bunny would have liked but that’s ok, maybe next year. He got books, candy and a new shirt! (Which he looks pretty handsome in!) Dad put him in his Easter basket last year too and let’s just say he liked it a whole lot more then, than he did now!

{Easter Afternoon- The Hunt}

We put together an Easter egg hunt for the boys and it went a lot better than expected. It literally took one time of showing them how to find the eggs and put them in the basket and it was a race from there! Then they were able to open their Easter presents from Nana and Papa!! They got a set of golf clubs, giant sand toys, bubbles and some candy! Thanks Nana & Papa!


{My Cousin and Me}




{his cheesy smile that melts my heart}


My awesome SIL Beth took these fantastic pictures of Bronson and his cousin Beck for Mother’s Day. I am so happy with the way they turned out and just love how much these 2 little guys love each other and love their Nana!

Bronson 17.5 months