Thursday, May 19, 2011

my {baby} no more

I guess the fact that we no longer have a baby around here anymore is a good thing considering we have a new bundle arriving in about 12 weeks. I think this goes for most parents though, it’s sad to see all of the baby disappear out of your little person. We officially have a toddler in the house. Nick and I just sit back and watch Bronson be Bronson and are amazed that there isn’t a single bit of baby left in this little guy!! We love him more than anything and he is at such a fun age right now that we can’t get enough!

{Bye, Bye Daddy}


On some days Bronson will wake up before Nick leaves for work and is happy to walk him out the door and wish him well for the day. He gives him a kiss and waves saying “bye,bye daddy”. It is the cutest thing e.v.e.r! This particular morning he didn’t get to say bye but that didn’t stop him from finding daddy in the picture on his own and telling him bye,bye there!! Love him!!

{Mr. Independent}


We have officially graduated from the high chair to a booster seat. This little man is such a better eater and much more happy now that he gets to eat with the big people! The highchair in the background is now stored away for Greyson to use later! Yay for making room!!

{Boy meets Sand}

…or more like mud bath



Hilarious… this is Bronson laughing with a mouth full of sand because we are laughing at him. His laugh normally looks a lot cuter than this but I think the sand makes it a little scary!!


…and now coughing up all the sand he just swallowed!


This time thinking the sand doesn’t taste very good… boys!

I bought Bronson this adorable water and sand table to be able to entertain him out on the patio. Nick didn’t think it was a very good idea considering we don’t have much space on our patio and we are in an apartment so the clean up is a little bit more difficult. I may or may not partially agree but that doesn’t change the fact that this little boy loves playing in the sand and getting all dirty like a boy should!! I guess I will just have to deal with the mess until we have more space!!

{These Boots Were Made For Walkin’}


We couldn’t pass up a chance to take a picture of Bronson in Nick’s boots when we had the chance. It was a must share kind of picture!!

BTW, I know it must look like my child never gets dressed but I have to say that he DOES in fact get dressed everyday even if some of those days it is just in lounge clothes!!!


Marisa and Rob said...

Isn't CRAZY how much and fast they grow up!!! Sad :o( Mason is no longer my baby anymore, and it makes me sad. Wait til you see him now, he is so grown up!!! Bronson is too cute!!

Krysta said...

Adorable!! I LOVED the update on Bronson and seeing all of the pictures. Kaylee said he looks like Ady in the dirt picture. She always has dirt coming out of her mouth! I think the sand table is an awesome idea!!! Who cares about the mess...they are only going to get worse. It's just the beginning. It's fun to see him being such a BOY!!