Sunday, April 27, 2008

{The Newest Baby To The Jensen Family}

Baby Kaylee with Aunt Lindsey
Baby Kaylee with Uncle Nick
Baby Kaylee being held by Daddy!

This is Kaylee Brianna Jensen she is almost 2 weeks old. She was 6 lbs 12 oz and a little more then 3 weeks early. My brother & sister in law Jason & Sheila now have their first baby. They are very proud parents and we are so happy for them in their new joy. She is adorable and such a cuddle bug. Nick and I love spending time with her. She is a joy to be around!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{Isn't She a Beaut!}

He finally got her back!

I'm telling you I have never seen someone more excited to get their car back!
But it looks as good as new, and we really are glad about that.
However, it has been 9 LONG weeks with just one car. It sure will be nice to have our life get back to normal. You take for granted everything you have until it is taken away. I know it sounds dumb about a car but it is so true. I am just glad that Nick has his precious baby back and he is a happy boy again! He was starting to get really bummed about it, so its nice to have it back!

{Here is the Final Result!}

It is finally all put together and the best part is we have EVERY piece of furniture we purchased! I must say having a king size bed has been our best investment yet! We love it and I just love the way the room turned out!

<----Sorry this is sideways, I wasn't sure how to rotate it!
So now that this room is finished I have found other rooms to move on to. I love it, I always have to have a project going on in the house. I know my mom and sister are the exact same way! It is the best to see Nick when I am ready to move on to something else, he is probably thinking "Great what is she up to now!" He made the best point with our home teachers on Sunday he said "She finds ONE little thing at the store that she likes and she comes home and the whole room changes!" He is so right, once I buy something new for a room I have to have a whole new look! He probably dreads the words "I'm going to the store!" I'm sure he just fears what the checking account is going to look like when I am finished with my HOBBY! But deep down I know he loves it and appreciates what I do with the house! (At least I hope so!!)

{Can I Just Say How Cute They Are?}

Regean & Addison Bischoff
Yes, you are seeing double. There is double the love in this new family! These are our good friends new bundles of joy! They are so sweet and such good babies. We are so happy for them in their new venture!
Look...They even sleep in the same exact potion!
What a JOY!