Friday, June 10, 2011


Today marks 31 weeks, only 9 weeks left. YaY!!!

I have said before that I have felt like the second pregnancy goes a lot slower than the first. Today I actually had my first “oh no, I’m having a baby” thought. There isn’t a whole lot to do with the 2nd boy in a row. I already have just about everything that I need, especially since they will be so close in age, I don’t have to replace very much. So for that reason I have been pretty relaxed the entire time, not feeling like I had anything to rush for. I am a total list person and today I pulled out my pen and paper to make sure I knew exactly what I needed to do and how much time I have left to do it all. I feel much better now!!

I thought it would be fun to scrap some comparison pages. The first two are pictures of my belly with Greyson, both in the exact same outfit, one at 19 weeks and the other at 31 weeks. The last one is comparing my belly at 31 weeks with Greyson and Bronson. It’s crazy how different each pregnancy can be…


Greyson 19 weeks {it’s funny to me that I actually thought I was big here}


Greyson 31 weeks {I definitely look more tired these days…}

Me and Lindz_thumb[2]editedbwscrap

My sister and I pregnant together… Bronson 31 weeks