Monday, June 21, 2010

Mill Avenue

We have lived here for a little more than 7 months and we finally decided to go to Mill Avenue at ASU. Nick and I haven't been down there in about 6.5 years. This was a blast for us to do with Bronson because we were taking a stroll down "Memory Lane". March 2004 was the first time Nick ever meet my dad. Nick and I came to AZ with my brother and his friend to meet up with my dad and go to a spring training game! One of our ventures out on the town was to Mill Avenue where Nick and I sat on this bench and talked about our "future" and wanting to get married and believe it or not move to Arizona...
We looked at this cute little barber shop and thought "That would be so fun for me to have" because come June 2004 I was starting hair school!
... and now, more than 6 years later we live in Arizona and have a beautiful little boy as part of our family. We were able to share this trip down "Memory Lane" with Bronson. It was so much fun to remember the things we talked about on that bench and look at our lives and see how far we have come from that day.


Beth Curtis said...

how fun! That is so cute that you have a spot like that to take your kids. what a fun story!

Krysta said...

That is a cute story! Crazy how things come to pass. You don't notice all the little things you do and accomplish and finally you look back and realize you have been chipping away at your dreams and goals more than you thought.

Great job...keep moving forward.