Wednesday, March 26, 2008

{Sad News!}

As most of you know we got in a car accident over Presidents Day weekend. We were on our way home from our friends house in WY and it was just after a snow storm, there was black ice on the road and we rolled our truck in the median. VERY SCARY, yes but we were very blessed to walk away without a scratch. Well it has now been 4 weeks, at least (I have stopped counting) since it has been in the shop getting fixed and trust me... WE ARE SO READY TO GET IT BACK! We were told last Thursday that we would be able to pick it up on Friday. Well that night they called and said "Sorry we have another Frontier and yours is not the one that is ready!" Needless to say, Nick was very sad after hanging up the phone with the guy, so he says that it should be done in the middle of this week. Meaning we should have been able to pick it up today or tomorrow. Guess what!! It's still going to be another WEEK AND A HALF! I know, I know call us spoiled but it has been quit an inconvenience with both of us having such a busy schedule. Soon enough we will have it back and things will start to get back to normal. I'm sure once we do get the truck back we will never drive my new car around anymore. Nick misses his truck so bad that he will want to take it everywhere. Wishful thinking maybe but we should have it back soon!


Dad said...

(...If I only had a truck, even a wrecked one at that!...) Just think of all the "Together" time you're having. "And this too, shall pass." You'll enjoy it even more when you get it back - hopefully without any squeaks and rattles?

Krysta said...

I didn't realize you were still without Nick's's hard to be a one car family. Maybe your saving a little bit on gas??

Lindz & Nick said...

Dad you are right it is nice to spend time with Nick. We hope that it will come back to us good as new. Krys, I wish we were saving money on gas. It seems like with all the driving we are still using the same and with gas prices still going up it is getting crazy! But really I'm sure that we are saving something!