Monday, March 24, 2008

{Such a good helper!}

Last post for the day... I promise! Here is a picture of my amazing husband putting up with me being O.C.D. On our way home from the hospital, seeing the babies we stopped by IKEA to get a book self and another dvd case. He was so hungry the he really just wanted to go home and eat but he stopped there just to make his wife happy. Then after we came home and I cooked him something to feed his belly he sat down to build my furniture. When really he wanted to play his new video game that he has been waiting all day to get his hands on. He is so nice to help me all the time. But trust me I had to force him to put that cute smile on his face! Love you!!


David Curtis - GMail said...

You really do have a great husband - he's a keeper!

David Curtis - GMail said...

Lindsey - I'm really enjoying seeing your blog - and I'm not used to the blogosphere yet....but I like that this keeps us close.

Krysta said...

You are officially a blogging fool!! Look at you go! :) I have to say that Nick is definaely a trooper...we Curtis girls can be a little over the top with our OCD, for sure. Casey HATES Ikea with a passion and he won't even step foot in that store anymore. Good job Nick...tell him I said that Lindz.