Sunday, May 1, 2011

{Barney and Me}

It must be documented the absolute LOVE my son has for Barney and the LOVE/HATE relationship I have with Barney. I love how much Barney can make Bronson laugh and how happy he is every morning when he runs to the couch with his blanky and sippy because he knows that I am heading for the remote to turn on his favorite show. I hate that I know just about every song and every word to each song that Barney sings on not just one but all episodes. Not to mention that I find myself singing Barney throughout the day and even in my sleep. The things we do to keep our kiddos happy!! It makes me laugh that my nephew Beck has the same obsession with Barney and my SIL and I find ourselves discussing different episodes and laughing at different parts that our kids love but we think are so retarded we HAVE to laugh!

These are the many faces of Bronson while watching Barney. How could I not suffer through Barney when he has such adorable expressions while watching it??!!

(Yes, we often run around in diapers, especially when we had an overflowing diaper from the night before!)

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Love him…


Beth Curtis said...

I am lovin' all the posts. These pics are great! I am laughing at us because when you actually write it down it makes us look like such losers for always talking about Barney. Oh, the life of motherhood.

Kateka said...

So true. Even without kids, I know that it has this effect on kids, even though parents generally hate his weird nasal-y I LOVE YOU voice.

Krysta said...

I love this series of pictures. He looks so adorable! I need to do something like this with Ady watching Strawberry. How did you get the pictures to turn like that? You know something I don't know.