Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Boy Haircut

Oh so handsome!! July 15th was Grandma Curtis' birthday and Bronson was in much need of a haircut!! This is his 2nd haircut in his whole 8 months!!! Most babies don't get their first cut until they are at least 1 if not older!!! What can I say, he has good locks!

He was such a champ and loved getting his hair cut! He loves looking in the mirror so it was a good thing we had a distraction because I was all alone!!

Our handsome, clean cut boy ready to go meet Grandma for dinner!!!
Happy Birthday Nana!

EiGhT mOnThS

and 2 weeks late again! These monthly post come around so quick that I really can't believe how close my little boy's 1st birthday is!! He is 8.5 months and in just 3 short months he will be 1! We are so in love with this kid words can't even explain! We are smitten. He has such a darling personality and such a sweet spirit. He has so much love to give and is rarely in a bad mood. He is like his mama when it comes to sleep, he LOVES it!! One thing he did not get from me is the sweet smile you see every time you wake him up!! He gets his love for music and electronics from his daddy.
This is one of my favorite pictures. He idealizes his daddy!

He {hearts} T.V.
and he LOVES his bed. What a sweet, sweet face. Mwah!!

and the best news of all... he is crawling!!! Seriously one of the cutest things to see is his little buns moving in the air trying to get where he wants to go!!
We {heart} you Bronson, Happy 8 Months!!

4th of JULY Weekend

Our first 4th in Arizona wasn't all that exciting! We have heard that there isn't much to do here because it is so dang hot but we had no other choice but to see for ourselves this year!! So my parents and the 3 of us decided to get in the car and go for a day drive. We all wanted to get away from the insane heat as much as possible so we drove up to the mountains in Payson. It was still hot but much nicer than Phoenix is this time of year!! We ate at a fun Buffalo Burger joint in Payson, drove around and saw all the fun greenery you don't get to enjoy in Phoenix and drove home through the Tortilla Flats. That was a blast. It was a really crazy, curvy, bumpy road that landed us in this small town with a population of like 16. (Note to self: Next time bring the truck!) We got yummy fudge and were on our way back home.

my dad somehow dodged all the pictures!
Our future 4th of July plans:
Attending a Diamond Backs game in an air conditioned stadium with a fireworks show
Heading to Salt Lake to enjoy boating and cooler weather!!!
One of these will be our yearly tradition for the 4th!