Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat 10-23-2010

Our ward put on a Trunk or Treat on Saturday. We got the babe all dressed up for a second time the same day and headed over to the church. All of the kids were dressed up so cute and even some of the adults were all decked out! We had a Chili Cook-Off and Hotdogs then everyone went to their cars and opened the trunk for the kiddos to come around and collect their yummies!! We couldn’t pass on a few cars but Nick threw in the towel halfway through because he was embarrassed that everyone knew the candy wasn’t for Bronson. We had fun though and some of the cars were done up so well with smoke and music and everything!!

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Trick or Treat!!


Beth Curtis said...

so cute! We can't wait for ours ( this saturday). I love that Nick was so embarrassed.

Krysta said...

How fun! I feel like it is your first halloween all over again! Don't you? Doing everything for the first time with your first born is almost a surreal sort of thing.

I am laughing about Nick! I can hear him.

Gardner Fam said...

OMG he looks so CUTE!! Love his costume! That's hilarious about Nick being embarrassed...I can totally picture his reaction lol!

Kateka said...

Ah, I can't believe you are walking around without jackets and shoes. I am so jealous!! It is freezing here in Utah.

PS. Your baby is so cute in his costume!

Austin and Whitney Cooley said...

I wish we could have gone... I love your little dinosaur!

Marisa and Rob said...

FUN! I love the costume! :D Rob said that is Hilarious about Nick and he can totally see him say that! LOL!