Monday, September 22, 2008

{I've Been Tagged!}

So, here's how it works...You are supposed to take pictures of all these items or places in your house AS IS! That is why this is called "KEEPIN' IT REAL". No cleaning or tidying...JUST TAKE THE PICTURES.
Any Bathroom in the House:
This is at least the cleanest one in the house... and the one I was the closest too!
Laundry Room:Can I just say YUK? This is my least favorite room to ever be in!

My Side of the Closet:
Wow, I thought I was organized until I saw all of these pictures!!

My Favorite Pair of Shoes:
I thought it was only fair to show you what my shoes really look like in the closet!
These are my most favorite pair of shoes!

What are your kids doing right now:
Since I don't have kids yet this is what my kitty's are doing!

Favorite Room in the House: It's not the most comfortable room in the house but I still loving being in here!

Kitchen Sink:Not to shabby!

Refrigerator: It's full, yet I still don't at home much!

I tag: Nichole, Breena, Charmaine, Janelle, Tonya, Beth & Angie


Tyler and Tory said...

Congratulations on an immaculate house! I didn't expect anything less.

Janelle said...

I can't participate in would be far to humiliating. Trust me, you don't want to see it. Love your bathroom.

angie said...

If I do this little "activity" your eye's might fall out of your head and we wouldn't want that afterall you need thoes beautiful eyes! But who knows maybe I will humiliate myself?

Kelly and Charmaine said...

Thanks Lindsey. At least you did it after I got caught up! Could be worse. Your house always looks great...mine is hit or miss depending on what the kids are doing and who they've brought home with them to do it. Or what project I'm working on.

Janelle said...

Saw your comment but seriously, you won't want to be my friend anymore if you see what my apartment looks like at this moment. If I do it I am going to cheat and tidy it up first because nobody should see it the way it is.

P.S. if you want to go to go to a movie or something during the week while Nick is out of town CALL ME. I would love to.

Krysta said...

That was cute! Your fridge has more food in it than mine does. Do you want to pass any of those shoes on to me. I can help you out with that horrible mess in your closet! :)

Andrea said...

You have an adorable house. I loveyour green bathroom.

breena rae said...

oh, you tagged me! I better do willbe of just our room though...I don't know how my mother-in-law will feel about posting pics of her house...I
ll see what I can do.

Um, and your house is so cute. I LOVE your green and black bathroom!