Monday, September 22, 2008

{Detroit, Michigan}

The Zoo

We got to go to the ZOO. This is one of Nick's favorite activities he is like a little boy in a candy store when he gets to go to the Zoo, it's great! It was a really cool zoo very green and pretty!

Nick won - Lindsey zero!

Nick & I went miniture golfing and either I am really bad or it just wasn't my day. I'm going to go with "it just wasn't my day!" Nick is so sweet he kept reminding me that I KICKED HIS BUTT last time we miniture golfed together in Dallas! I have to rub it in when I do win because it isn't often that I beat my husband in much. I'll give it to him this time... HE ROCKED!

Detroit, Michigan Temple

Nick & I were driving to get breakfast on Saturday morning admiring the area and getting familar with what is around when low and behold we randomly pass the Detroit Temple. Okay it is totally one thing to be in a highly populated LDS area and just pass temples like you do church houses but there is was...the Temple. So of course we had to stop and see what it was all about. It was beautiful!


Tyler and Tory said...

I think you should just quit your job and move to be with Nick for the next couple months.