Saturday, June 28, 2008

{Our Trip to St. George}

The weekend after our anniversary my work sent us to our newest resort in St George. It was a really nice get away and fair warning there are a ton of pictures!! I love it because Nick always laughs at me when I do such a big post with tons of pictures. I figure though I love it when people do a post with tons of pictures so I would do the same! I hope you all enjoy looking at them!
The resort that we stayed at was really nice they are brand new townhouse's 3 bedroom 2 bath, luxury! However, I realized I never got any pictures of the actual unit itself but this is a pond right behind our unit that the state stocks full of fish at all times. We got to go fishing a few times when we were there. Nick loved it and I actually had fun with it too. I never caught anything but it was fun to try!
This was the coolest petting farm/souvenir shop in a town called Virgin, UT.
What a convenient name!!!

The guy that work in the store was definitly a unique guy and he totally laughed at me when this city girl walks into his store in the country with heels on. Needless to say I thought I would survive in them until we decided to go into the petting zoo. I broke in and decided to put my crocs back on!

This was the craziest thing ever... on the way out of Zions we were stopped in traffic for about 45 minutes. Obviously for a good reason based on the fire. The whole time we were never sure what was actually on fire until we drove by....

What a smart guy!!
After the drama of that we stopped at this awesome diner.
They raised their own Elk to kill and make yummy food for their customers!
That is some serious dedication!

I wish this was a better picture but it was even very unique on the inside! I love it!
They had a lot of fun quotes on walls we pretty much sat there the whole time pointing out all the the different ones that we saw.
...has horse back riding, how awesome!
Unfortunately we didn't get to ride them so instead we just hung out with then for awhile while we cooled off in the shade!

Last but not least the other thing that we loved to do while in St George was hang out at the pool. Our friends Jeff & Candice came with us, it was fun to have their babies there to entertain all of us. The girls were so good they liked having their little feet in the water and of course sleep in their car seats in the shade!


Andrea said...

That looks like so much fun. I am sure it was very relaxing.

Krysta said...

How fun! I loved all of your pictures. I felt like I was there with you! Those babies are so cute!

Only 3 more days left! Do you guys have plans for the 4th? Remind me to tell you about the birthday party on the 5th. Call me because I will probably be running around crazy and forget to call! (It's too late right now)

Jessica said...

I know that gift shop/ petting zoo well...fond memories of many vacations up the road from there. My grandparents grew up in Hurricane and Laverkin...yep, southern UT hicks!
By the way, you probably don't remeber me but I found you through Christina, I am her oldest sister!

Jessica said...

Where in UT are you? I am in Kaysville.