Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{Our Trip to Denver}

Mile High Stadium & The Downtown Aquarium

A man's haven.
The ESPN zone!

This was one of the coolest aquariums I have ever been to. Not like our small aquarium in Salt Lake, it took like 20 minutes to walk through! This was awesome, they even have a restaurant in it where you can eat and watch the sea animals at the same time. We thought about eating there but opted out because the boys wanted to eat at the ESPN zone. Which I won't complain because it is also a very cool place to eat! After we ate dinner we went for a walk around downtown Denver where we ran across a homeless man which we gave my left overs to. I REALLY hope he was a homeless man and we didn't totally offend him!


Krysta said...

That was really nice of you to feed the homeless man...now when are you going to get your road trip bum out our way!?!