Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{My Trip to Phoenix}

Aren't these pictures gorgeous?

I absolutely LOVE Arizona! I had the chance to stay in Phoenix for 6 days with my family it was a blast except we had no time, I forgot to take pictures!! The best I could do was find some on the internet! We had a family wedding and got to visit with all the family. We also searched up and down for houses for my parents! We had a good time and I miss my family already!


Krysta said...

You are so funny! My jaw dropped when I was looking at the pictures, thinking "Wow! Lindsey took these? Amazing!" They look so good...I was seriously jealous!

I'm glad you had fun and posted about your trip...I still am sad I missed out, but that's how it goes.

Beth Curtis said...

I miss you already! You should come back. Better yet you should move here!!! what a great idea!

Lindz & Nick said...

Beth I couldn't agree more! I guess I might just have to see what we can do about that! ;)

Jeff & Melesa Loosle said...

Sorry but I can't let my brother move. And Linds, we love you too much for you too leave. :)