Friday, December 10, 2010

{Country Style-In the Cotton Fields}

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We went to a Family Reunion in Thatcher, AZ. My parents grew up in this area and it is a whole different ballpark from what I have always been used to. There are so many amazing places there to take photographs. I have been wanting to get pictures of Bronson in the Cotton Fields since the last time we headed that direction. As we were leaving to head home I really thought it was going to be a lost cause again. I was wrong, we found ONE out of I don’t know how many fields that hadn’t been picked yet. I was so excited to get these pictures that I had to wake the poor babe up. He seemed to do really good considering he face planted and got a huge scratch on his forehead!!

Wishing You All A Merry Christmas…


Our Christmas card for 2010. We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Merry Christmas!


The Jensen’s

Joyous Kit


A couple of layouts I put together for the Creative Team at Piccolina Designs Her new kit is called Joyous. Enjoy!