Friday, October 29, 2010

Zoo Time


Kit Used- Welcome to the Zoo by Piccolina Designs & Wyld Web Designs

Ok Digi Scrapers here are a couple of layouts I put together for the Creative Team at Piccolina Designs. Its about time to venture outside and enjoy some beautiful weather again. You would thinkWinter is coming, why would you want to be outside?That is the beauty of living in Arizona, we get to enjoy the outdoors almost all year long. These are some pictures we took while at the Zoo last year with some good friends of ours!!


Krysta said...

Cute and cute! Bronson looks so small!

You will be so glad you are scrapbooking along the way like this. It will be nice when it comes time to put your books together. Wanna' scrapbook for me???

Tory said...

Bronson is so adorable. I just wanna squeeze his baby cheeks!