Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Your Mommy

... and I couldn't be more proud! Last year on Mother's Day I was about 14 weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe I was going to finally be a mommy! I felt trilled, nervous, unsure but most of all overjoyed and blessed for the opportunity! Now you are 6 months old and you have taken over my world. You bring joy to each new day and show me the reason being a mother is so important. You truly have taught me so much in your 6 short months that I have not been able to learn in my 25.5 years until I had you. I may think that there are a million and one things in life that are SO "important" but when I look at the big picture the only thing that is important is our family.

I am beyond grateful to have you in my life and especially your daddy who has helped to make our family what it is! You have such a sweet spirit, you are determined, smart, funny and the sparkle in my eye.

Thank you Bronson for allowing me to be your mommy and for being part of our Eternal Family.

Mother's Day May 9th, 2010


Tory said...

That was a really sweet post!

Kateka said...

That second to last pic of you two looking at each other is soooo cute.

Happy (belated) mothers day!

Andrea said...

Great post, and pictures.

Krysta said...

I loved your post. I'm so glad that you finally got to be a momma! Bronson is the cutest and you are such an awesome mom! You are right, family is the most important. He is lucky to have you. :)