Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{Our Month In Summary}

Bronson is 5 months now! He is growing up so fast!!

Things to remember at 5 months:
-He is sleeping on his tummy now.
-He is sleeping through the night!
-Rolling everywhere.
-He is very interested in getting places just hasn't fully figured out how yet!
-Such a happy baby.
-His smile and laugh melts my heart!
-He talks all the time and is LOUD!
-He loves his exersaucer.
-He ate cereal for the first time and HATED it!! (we are still working on that one)
-He holds his own bottle.
-He loves his Baby Genius movies.
-He now prefers to put himself to sleep instead of being rocked! So far he is growing out of things on his own instead of me weaning him off of them. (his binkie and rocking him to sleep)

Phoenix Zoo:
We went to the zoo for Bronson's frist time with family and friends a couple of weeks ago! It was a blast but I spent most of the time behind the camera instead of enjoying the animals!! It is a whole new experience when you have a kiddo to take care of!!

Our Hutch Remodeled...
My brother and I refinished this lovely hutch a few weeks ago. It was a HUGE project but totally worth it!

I Love the end Result!
Swimming in March:
It is warm outside but not warm enough to swim. We still tried though! One of the pools is supposed to be heated so Nick's cousin Chantel and I decided to take Bronson out for his first swim! Turns out the water was pretty cold but we got some quick pictures for his first visit to the pool! Daddy was even lucky enough to meet us there after work just as we got to the pool!!

Hiking at SanTan Mountain:
We took advantage of a nice Saturday and went on a 3 mile hike. It was a beautiful day but I was really nervous about Bronson getting sunburned so we covered him up completely! As we were starting on our trek you could tell we were not used to the weather being so nice so early in the year. We past another family on a walk with a child about the same age as Bronson and he was dressed in only a onsie! Opps, poor Bronson was a little sweaty by the time we were done with our hike. We are learning though!!
And... we had Visitors!!
Nick's Aunt Charmaine and cousin Chantel came to stay with us for a total of 2 weeks!! It was so nice to have them come and visit and especially for them to be able to spend time with Bronson. He has changed so much since we moved and they last saw him. It was a blast to see him interact with them.
We also had a quick visit from his Uncle Kelly. So Charmaine and I took advantage and got some really fun pictures of the two of them in Old Town Gilbert. We spent the rest of the week editing pictures in Photoshop.

We had a great March now here is to what April will bring!!


Beth Curtis said...

I don't know why but this post cracks me up. Maybe it is the fact that I know how cold those pools are and you still got in with Bronson. I am impressed with how far you got in though! The hike also cracks me up. You always give me a hard time with how warm I dress Beck but you totally out did me :) Happy 5 months!

Kateka said...

I can not believe how big Bronson is getting! He is so adorable.

That hutch looks AMAZING. I am totally impressed.

Krysta said...

I'm glad you finally got me all up to date! Thank you very much. Now don't get behind again. :) I love the hutch. Nice work. You have been up to a lot of fun!!

Bronson is as cute as ever!


He is growing so fast, what a cutie. And he is Nick's twin I swear! He is darling!

Ang said...

Linds! You guys look like you are having so much fun, he is getting so big! HIlarious that he hates his cereal...my sis adds bananas to my nephews and he digs it. We miss you:(