Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{The Ever-Growing "Bug"}

Due to my lack of blogging I got in trouble by 2 unnamed sisters!! (love ya)

So here is an update on our little man:

February 8th, 2010 {3 months}
Bronson rolled over for the first time!

{1} Tummy

{2} Rolling

{3} Back

This is my attempt of "action shots" (a little blurry)
We were SO proud of him! He has never been a huge fan of "Tummy Time" and because he had such a rough start to life I was worried it would take awhile for him to catch up to children his own age. Well, I can just say he proved his momma wrong forsure! He is growing like a weed and extremely active. He has caught up in no time at all!!
{Some Things Bronson Is Doing Now!}
*He actually doesn't mind Tummy Time now!
*He loves playing with his toys!
*He loves to read books & watch his kiddy movies!
*He would much rather be laying on the floor then doing anything else!
*He is starting to grow out of his swing (sigh)
*He rolled from back to tummy 1x (We are still working with him to do it again!!)
*He is no longer taking his reflux medication!! YaY!
*He is always laughing or smiling at something!
*He will pretty much have NOTHING to do with his binky (which if you have been around him you know he has LOVED his binky since DAY 1)
*He absolutely LOVES to listen to iTunes and dance with daddy!! (Cutest thing to watch!)
**Note from Dad "Yes, he does like Depeche Mode"
Some cute photos for you:


Beth Curtis said...

Between you and Krysta I sound like the Blog Natzi (but it's true). It is funny, Beck always rolls onto his tummy and can finally get himself un-stuck ( opposite). Bronson growing out of his swing is very sad. Beck used to take his naps in there and I was at a loss for a while. I can't believe he won't even take his butterfly women's pleasure binks. Depress Mode, sick.


oh man he is cute!!!! I want to meet him!!!!

Krysta said...

I love that post!! I want to reach through the screen and eat him up. I can not believe how much he has grown. Crazy! He looks like such a stud with the sunglasses. Hold back the comes Bronson!

Thanks for the post...keep it up! ;)

Tory said...

Those are some super cute pictures. He is growing up so fast!

Krysta said...

I love your blog makeover. Cute, cute! I'm glad you aren't private anymore. I love your goal list. I want to hear all about it! Keep us posted, it helps to keep moving with your list when you have people to share your accomplishments with!

Love you!