Friday, October 9, 2009

{First Quilt...COMPLETE!}

Here is a picture of the baby quilt I have been talking about getting done!! It's finally complete! I couldn't have finished it without the guidance of Nick's Aunt Charmaine!! Thank you so much for all your help and teaching me how to use my sewing machine!!! Bronson will love it and I can't wait for him to use it!!

Another thing to check off my list...

~ Baby Quilt CHECK!

Monday, October 5, 2009

{My Check List}


I have been home since last Wednesday and I am loving every minute of it!! I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to make sure everything is ready to go and nothing is left undone! Now that I have accomplished almost everything on my list it is leaving me with much needed time for school, school, school i.e. Medical Transcription! (And no I don't consider the fact that I should be doing school right now instead of blogging... Procrastination! (But it sort of is!)

Here is my list of things to do, it always makes me feel good to see things checked off my list!

I have...

~Had all of my showers! (and THANK YOU so much to everyone that has helped out with your generosity, we really appreciate it!) CHECK

~Done all the rest of our shopping. CHECK

~Put together a temporary nursery (it looks pretty cute... but you probably would never think a little boy is coming home to it! That might have something to do with the pink strips on the wall. It's only temporary though, I'm not that mean of a mommy!) It will work for now but I can't wait to get his little sports room put together! CHECK

~Organized and washed all of his laundry. CHECK

~Put the diaper bag together. CHECK

And I still have to...

~Put together a hospital bag.

~Find newborn socks (any suggestions, I have had no luck!)

~Find a white beanie (again, any suggestions?)

~Make a baby quilt.

~Take my hospital tour.

~AND wait patiently for him to arrive!