Friday, December 25, 2009

{Jensen/Curtis Family Christmas}

This Christmas was very different then any other we have ever had! First we had a fun new addition to our family who, based on the pictures below, you can tell just LOVED Christmas!! Also, we had our first Christmas in our new hometown! We have had Christmas in Arizona before but it was much different this year because we haven't experienced the snow at all this year! I didn't think it would be very much to miss but it was definitely different and is going to be something to get used to!! Hopefully next year we will be able to get into the Christmas spirit a little bit easier when our life isn't so crazy and Bronson is more excited about it!!! All in all we had a blast! We were able to spend Christmas with Bronson's cousin Beck which was a blast. It was his first Christmas too and he just loved it!! We are so excited to end out the week meeting our niece Ady (my sisters new baby girl)!! We can't wait to have all the babies together this year for their very first Christmas!! It is a rare opportunity to have each one of the individual families within my own family to have a baby within the same year let alone within 2 1/2 months of each other!!! There are a bundle of pictures below so everyone can enjoy Bronson's first Christmas!!! We miss all of our family and friends in Utah!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Little Bug couldn't keep his poor eyes open!! It was his nap time by the time we got to the present part!!
Can't you tell he LOVED his toy??
This one too...
I can't wait for him to grow into this outfit!! We have a little while to go!!

The cutest book "The Growing Tree" From Nana & Papa Curtis

Beck & Bronson
My Little Bug
Love these boys!!!


Beth Curtis said...

oh those are the cutest two cousins I have ever seen. Can't wait to have some pics of the 3 babes.

The Joneses said...

Looks like tons of fun guys!

Krysta said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever!

sam&liss said...

Such cute pics!! How is he doing at night? you getting any sleep?

Scott and Shay said...

So cute...what a fun Christmas!!!

breena rae said...

he's too cute...and you're looking fabulous as well! Glad he got to do what he wanted to on Christmas...sleep!
You have my email address I'm guessing because I want to e a part of your private friends!