Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{Babies First Bath}

He really doesn't look happy in these pictures but he sure looks cute!

So far he has been such a good baby! He 2 weeks old already!! Time goes by so fast!

He loves to cuddle
He loves to be swaddled
... and to be sang to!

He is a good eater,
He is a great sleeper,
... and only cries when he wants to eat or has a dirty diaper!

We are so lucky to have him and can't wait to watch him grow (slowly)!


Debbie said...

so CUTE!! Does he have your red hair?

Beth Curtis said...

I like that you added "slowly" That is for sure!! I can't wait to see him in just a few days!!

Curtis Family said...

Brooklee hated baths when she was that little. He is adorable!