Saturday, May 10, 2008

{Here's what the Jensen's have been up to!}

Here are the updates of our house!

There are a TON of pictures. Sorry!
Here is the master bath, not much has been changed in here but this is it for those of you who have not seen it!
This is the living room or MY tv room!
Nick & I painted the stair railing behind the couch, there are better pictures below.
Another view of the railings and of course the front door!
Here is the kitchen. This was my project that I jumped to next after I finish our bedroom.
The curtains have been changed, the black border is newer...I did that a few months ago. Its chalk paint and really awesome I love it. I have tried to modernize this room a little bit more. The flowers and center piece were added along with the curtains.
Oh and the red dresser is redone! Krys & mom you guys will recognize this!
Another view of the Kitchen
My bedroom again. I can't tell you how much we love our new set! The king size bed to! I can't show it off enough!
Another view of the living room. Don't mind the trash on the table!
We repainted the stairs at the same time as the stair railing. It made it so much brighter. I'm happy with the way they turned out!

This is a good picture of what the railings look like. If you don't remember what they looked like before it was a 1980's poopy brown wood! This looks much better if I may say so myself!
Here is one of our guest bedrooms and hopefully aventually it will be a nursery. Mind you we would have to change the pink strips to blue or green if we were to have a boy!
Mom, these were the curtains that were in my bedroom before that I was telling you I moved in here!
Oh, and the new chandaler compliments of Charmaine & Kelly!
Thanks guys!

This is a lovely master suite for our guest if ANYONE wants to come visit us!! Hint, Hint Mom & Dad....The Moes Family..... Brandon & Beth!

Here is one of the two "Nick rooms"
His beloved sports room/office!
Sorry this was supposed to be with the outside pictures! I'm still learning to be an exallent blogger!

Anyways, the star is repainted it used to be copper and now its black! I'm totally into this black phase.... Hope it doesn't die out too fast!

We also put up new house lights, there is a picture of the garage ones below!

And here is Nick's other "Man room".
Our so called "Theater room"!

This is our guest bath that goes with the lovely master suite!
Any takers??
A view of where our laundry room is but you can't see what is behind that door because it is the only unfinished room of the house..... and I hate it!
Awwww to have the yard work finished!!!
9 Hours, 70 flowers, 12 flower pots, a new bush, 13 bags of bark, a LARGE bag of potting soil, 2 more trips to Lowes, BLACK spray paint & a LONG Saturday.... This is what we got!
Gotta love the bike, I was soooo excited when I got this in the winter I could not wait for the good weather to come so I could actually put it outside!

More pictures of the new house lights!
Full view of the Jensen home!
Oh, and if you can see we painted the mail box too! It's kind of hidden in the picture now that it is BLACK!
We have been excited to get going on the yard this year. We finally found a table to put outside that we both loved. Nick had to have the fire pit, which I love too. We are excited to roast marshmellows in our back yard!
Take note of the flowers!!!
Another view of the patio. You can see buddha in the background! He loves to be outside with us when we are doing yard work!
These are the new benches that we got, also compliments of The Morleys... you guys are the best! We repainted these and I just love the convience of seating in the back yard now! It's nice to go outside and enjoy being there!

What makes a house a home!


Buddha & Sammy
enjoying a bowl of milk together!

They are really cute together, they have learned to become really good friends and they love to play together!